Catalogue of group exhibition held at Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts. 'People's Republic of China is an exhibition that stands at the height of history's axis. At its main axis, "republic" is a concept that holds multiple meanings. This exhibition sifts through political undertones that are embedded throughout the contemporary art scene of Taiwan. "Republic of China" not only symbolizes the uncertain political future of the "Republic of China" and provides a taste of what is to come after its centennial anniversary, but also serves as a prediction of Taiwan's future in light of its status quo. Amongst the bickering about "independence," "unification," and "status quo," what is the status of the citizens of Taiwan?' - Wu Dar-kuen, curator

The exhibition attempts to reflect on Taiwan's history and envision life in a hypothetical country that is neither the 'Republic of China (R.O.C.)' nor the 'People's Republic of China (P.R.C.)'. It features the work of three generations of artists who have been born, raised, and employed in Taiwan.

With preface by Beatrice Peini Hsieh and essays by Wu Dar-kuen and Po-Wei Wang. Includes artists' statements about their work and responses to a questionnaire. Curator's and artists' biographies are provided.

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People's Republic of China: Republic without People | 沒人共和國:後民國

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People's Republic of China — Republic without People

- WU Darkuen, 吳達坤

Where is People's Republic of China?

- WANG Powei, 王柏偉

Republic without People
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Republic without People, 後民國