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From Colonial Longings to Postcolonial Becoming - Jagath WEERASINGHE
Craft of Art History and Art History's Craft: 'Primitivism' of/in Indian Art History - Santhosh S.
Ananda Coomaraswamy and 'Sinhalese Art' - Pradeep JEGANATHAN
Politics of Art History: Reading Silences, Voices and Representations of a Recent Sri Lankan Art Historical Enterprise - Sasanka PERERA
A Cross-Cultural Critique Revealed in Murals Found in Temples Belonging to the Kandyan Tradition in Colonial Sri Lanka - W.M.P. Sudarshana Bandara
Political Borders or Cultural Zones?: Re-Contextualizing Post Polannaruwa Period Buddha Images - P. AHILAN
Understanding the Colonial Influence in Buddhist Temple Art - Chathuri GUNATHILAKA
Sights of Recollection - Sabih AHMED
Aspirations of the Contributors of Religious Buildings in South Asia - Mahinda SOMATHILAKE
When Was Modernism in Sri Lanka - Prasanna RANABAHU
Impact of the 90s Trend on Women's Art and Contemporary Women Artists - Anoli PERERA
Gods' Own Vehicles: Wooden Vahana Tradition of Jaffna - S. JAYATHEES
Wedding Albums: Imagining Traditions, Inventing Romance and Art of Performance - Siddharthan MAUNGURU
Monumentalizing and Memorializing in Sri Lanka - Malathi DE ALWIS
Visualizing the Sinhala Buddhist Nation: Temple Decorations of M. Sarlis - Thamotharampillai SHANAATHANAN
Rethinking Sri Lankan Art History: Objects, Methods, and Politics
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Rethinking Sri Lankan Art History: Objects, Methods, and Politics

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