The second issue of Cultural Vision focuses on the development of West Kowloon Cultural District and M+ Museum in Hong Kong. Also featured is the discussion of performing arts in Asia.  
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Editor's Note/ 編者的話
Thus Is Kowloon West/ 西九如是 - Mathias WOO, 胡恩威
Feature/ 專題
M+ and West Kowloon Cultural District/ M+與西九文化區
A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Past and Present of West Kowloon Cultural District/ 連環不幸事件: 西九文化區的過去現在 (節錄) - Vivienne CHOW
M+ Mistaking 'Museum for Visual Culture' for Museum of Art (Excerpt)/ M+錯把「視覺文化博物館」當美術館 - Anita Muse TSE, 謝妙思
Questions to Dr. Lars Nittve, Executive Director of M+/ 給M+行政總監李立偉博士的問題 - Zuni Cultural Policy Research (進念文化政策研究組)
The Current Curatorial Team of M+/ M+現有策展團隊
The Dream Team of M+/ M+最強團隊
WKCD - Profile/ 西九檔案室
- West Kowloon Cultural District Authority - Museum Committee/ 西九文化管理局-博物館委員會
- Joint Subcommittee to Monitor the Implementation of the WKCD Project/ 監察西九文化區計劃推行情況聯合小組委員會
- A Birdcage-Hoop Petticoat West Kowloon Xiqu (Chinese Opera) Centre of 2.7 Billion/ 27億的鳥籠底裙西九戲曲中心
- Louis Yu: Chartering a New Course for WKCD/ 茹國烈: 期許西九走出新路向
- Timeline of WKCD's Development/ 西九事件簿
Feature/ 專題
Asian Cultural Vision/ 亞洲文化視野
旅程藝術節 (論壇部分) 兩岸四地: 戲劇空間與公民社會
Database Animals in Asia: Restarting the Notion of Avant-Garde in Performing Arts/ 亞洲的「數據庫動物」:重新啟動表演藝術的前衛概念 - Tadashi UCHINO, 內野儀
Transnation/ Transmedia/ Transtext: Border-Crossing from Screen to Stage in Greater China/ 跨國/ 跨媒體/ 跨文本: 大中華地區從銀幕到舞台的跨界創作 - Rossella FERRARI
Zuni Theatre/ 進念劇場
Eighteen Springs/ 半生緣
Commentary on the Art of Hong Kong Is about Historical and Theoretical Research/ 評論香港藝術是歷史理論研究 - Mathias WOO, 胡恩威
Review/ Research/ Policy/ Practice: Cultural Vision 02
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Review/ Research/ Policy/ Practice: Cultural Vision 02, 評論/ 研究/ 政策/ 實踐: 文化視野 02