This issue was produced on occasion of the 2013 City-to-City Cultural Exchange, a forum consisting of four Asian cities - Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Taipei - exploring the role of contemporary culture in the contemporary urban setting.

The theme for the 2013 conferences covers creative cities and museums, viewing culture as a pivot to urban living improvement. Panel discussions surround topics of government and public policy, museums, social networks and non-government organisations.

In 1997, the first City-to-City Cultural Exchange Conference gathered participants from the cultural sectors of the four aforementioned cities, where each city takes turns hosting the conference each year. The hosting city sets the conference theme and invites participants to come up with new interpretations on the concept of culture and its role in civic society.

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How the 4-city Conference Got Started / 四城會議是這樣啟動的 - Danny YUNG, 榮念曾
The City-to-City Cultural Exchange Conference 2013 / 關於城市文化交流會議2013 - MOK Kinwai, 莫健偉
Taipei / 臺北
Creative City Limits / 創意城市的限制 - SU Yaohua, 蘇瑤華
Make the Most out of an Art Museum to Market a City: A Case Study of the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts / 美術館行銷城市-以高雄市立美術館為例 - HSIEH Beatrice Paini, 謝佩霓
The JUT Foundation as a NGO in Promoting Urban Creativity / 城市面貌的型塑和改變 - Aaron LEE, 李彥良
The Future Historical Ecology of Art and Culture / 藝術文化的未來歷史生態學 - HUANG Chienhung, 黃建宏, CHOI Bokyung, 崔輔徑
Shanghai / 上海
Shanghai Museum of Glass: Its Present and Future / 上海玻璃博物館:現狀及發展規劃 - ZHANG Lin, 張琳
The Shanghai High Noon Art and Cultural Centre: Its Experiences and Challenges as a NGO / 上海正午文化藝術中心-民非單位的發展與挑戰 - ZHANG Xi, 張熹
Space, Network and Communication: A Case Study of Shanghai Local Theatre Group 'Grass Stage' / 空間,網路及交流:以上海民間戲劇團體草台班為樣本的考察 - REN Ming, 任明
Shenzhen / 深圳
Powering Creativity of a City: The Role of Shenzhen Creative Culture Centre as a Public Organization / 公共機構如何推動城市創造力-深圳市創意文化中心的角色 - WANG Xiaoming, 王小明
The Important Roles of NGOs and Enterprises in their Contributions to Urban Creativity / 非政府組織與企業對城市創意所發揮的作用 - ZHONG Yaqin, 鍾雅琴
The Experience of the 'Neighboring Community' Network as a Creative Community / 鄰家社區網路-創意社群的經驗 - HUANG Donghe, 黃東和
Hong Kong / 香港
Creative Education and Creative Community: Building for a Creative City / 創意教育和創意社區-推動城市創造力的提異 - Ada WONG, 黃英琦
The Functions of an Ideal Museum in Hong Kong / 香港的博物館該做什麼? - KAN Taikeung, 靳埭強
The Revelation of Kai Tak River / 啟德河啟示錄 - CHANG Pinghung Wallace, 鄭炳鴻
Mall Exhibition, a Flourishing New Paradigm / 商場展覽:新典範遍地開花 - Anita Muse TSE, 謝妙思
Fotanian, the Thriving Artists Striving for Survival and Growth in Restraining System / 夥炭,火炭人 - CHOW Chunfai, 周俊輝
Woofer Ten: Community - Where Would we have Got if We Had been Creative! / 活化廳:社區,如我意識創意的話 - LAU Kinwah Jaspar, 劉建華
The Gross and Terrible New Architecture of Hong Kong / 核凸恐怖香港新建築 - Mathias WOO, 胡恩威
Review/ Research/ Policy/ Practice: Cultural Vision 03
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Review/ Research/ Policy/ Practice: Cultural Vision 03, 評論/ 研究/ 政策/ 實踐: 文化視野 03

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