This catalogue was published in conjunction with the exhibition 'Room 19' held at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts from December 2008 to February 2009. It was organized by Taipei National University of the Arts alumnus and artist Wu Dar-Kuen. The idea for the exhibition developed from Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing's story about a woman who escapes to hotel room 19 after learning of her husband's extramarital affairs. A popular night club in Taipei also has a similar name. Artists from Taipei, New York, Seoul and Tokyo were invited to present works in invisible "rooms" exploring the theme of nightlife and ways in which modern people cope with pressures in their daily life. Descriptions and artists' biographies included with images.

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Let's go to 'ROOM19'

- WU Darkuen, 吳達坤

Can We Find Our Own Room19 in Room18?

- HU C.S. Sean, 胡朝聖

Disassembling the Dazzling Kaleidoscope

- CHANG Lihao, 張禮豪

ROOM 19: Shake Your Mind!
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ROOM 19: Shake Your Mind!