Canada-based artist Ken Lum has developed a large and complex body of work of great critical relevance, including photography, photographic portrait-logos, language paintings, and mirror works. His oeuvre focuses on the notion of identity, on its construction, space and politics. Ken Lum: Rorschach Shopkeeper Works is the last of a series of three exhibitions held in Tang Contemporary Art Centre in Beijing. In the exhibition, Ken Lum reflects upon the question of identity related to the production of images - signs - in urban society, thus focusing on the constitution of the subject. Artist biography is provided in the present catalogue.

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Ken Lum: Rorschach Shopkeeper Works

- Martina KOEPPEL-YANG, 楊天娜

Keynote Speech for the 2006 Sydney Biennale

- Ken LUM, 林蔭庭

Rorschach Shopkeeper Works: Ken Lum Solo Exhibition
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Rorschach Shopkeeper Works: Ken Lum Solo Exhibition, 羅夏的店主系列: 林蔭庭作品展