Group Visual-10 was set up in 1971, with members coming from different backgrounds including art design, photography, painting, editing and cinematography. They promoted the idea of new idea, making use of the camera to liberate feelings and explore the social reality in daily life and folk customs. After the V-10 Wanderings exhibition in 1986, the group has been silent for 16 years.

This publication accompanies the above captioned exhibition, which brings together 250 works by fourteen members of Group Visual-10. Each of the leaflets provide a brief biography of the artist and images of his works. A chronology of events in the Taiwanese art scene since 1960 is also provided.

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驀然回首 - CHUANG Ling, 莊靈
堅持於沉澱 V-10 30歲 - LIN Huaimin, 林懷民
V-10視覺藝術群:情感解放與攝影藝術實驗的先行者 - CHUANG Ling, 莊靈, LIN Huaimin, 林懷民
See you Again: V-10 30
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See you Again: V-10 30, 又見V-10— 視覺藝術群30