This book is a reedited translation of the author's doctoral dissertation submitted at the Department of Art History of the University of Heidelberg in 2000. It gives a picture of the whole array of art making in China from 1979 to 1989, a period that begins with the end of the Cultural Revolution and ends with the closure of the China/Avant-Garde exhibition held at the National Gallery in Beijing in February 1989. With preface by Lothar Ledderose and afterword by Norman Bryson.

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Chapter headings
The Art Scene
Structural Features and Personnel Policy
Vague Directives and Devaluation or Evaluation of Institutions
A Nationwide Forum and Model: Art Magazines and Symposia
Artists' Groups, Events, Exhibitions
Artistic Identity: Controversies
Semiotic Warfare
Cheng Conglin: Snow on a Certain Day in a Certain Month in 1968
Luo Zhongli: Father
Yuan Yunsheng: The Water Splashing Festival
Wang Keping: Idol
Huang Yongping: Roulette Series: Non-Expressive Painting and Non-Related Events
Wang Guangyi: Mao Zedong - Black Grid, a Revision
Gu Wenda, Wu Shanzhuan, Xu Bing: Deconstruction of the Chinese Script
Xiao Lu/ Tang Song: The Pistol Shot Event
Semiotic Warfare: Résumé
Semiotic Warfare: The Chinese Avant-Garde, 1979-1989. A Semiotic Analysis
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Semiotic Warfare: The Chinese Avant-Garde, 1979-1989. A Semiotic Analysis

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