'Shape with Things by Wayne Choi & Joseph Yiu looks into our unconscious listening habits. Wayne doodles while he is immersed in white noise, and Joseph describes his drawings as "like an act of unconscious shaping, followed by mindful manipulations". The duo have reviewed the drawings and writings created unconsciously by Wayne while listening, and assembled a collection of them in this pocket book that invites readers to experience "the transformation from the subconscious to ideation".

"pocket book of sound” is a series of three books published by soundpocket in 2021. With each book conceived by an artist or group, their observations and thoughts on how they perceive sounds, and on how they imagine that others perceive sounds, are presented in the form of books to be experienced. These non-digital, handy, and accessible books are to be circulated amongst all active listeners (to-be), who are curious to experience different and fun ways of reading sounds.'

—taken from the publisher's website

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pocket book of sound

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Joseph YIU, 姚天佑

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artist book

Shape with Things
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Shape with Things, 隨物賦形

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