'SHARING IS CARING. Openness and sharing in the cultural heritage sector is an anthology that explores the changes and opportunities brought about by digitisation, digital media, and the internet for the cultural heritage world and – not least – our users. The anthology contains 18 articles by Danish and international experts.

Billions of people across the globe are connected by the Internet, where they have access to communicating, learning, exchanging, developing, creating, and sharing with each other. How do we as cultural institutions embrace this unique opportunity? When cultural heritage is digital, there is nothing standing in the way of sharing and reusing it. It can be sampled, remixed, embedded, it can illustrate new stories and move into new media, it can adorn books, posters, and public spaces, advance research and make ideas and creativity blossom.

The anthology spans a wide range of themes and approaches. It contains contributions from museum professionals, scholars, public sector administrators, a lawyer and a school teacher. The red line through it all is an urge to explore the new opportunities to open up and share knowledge and resources, which digitisation brings about.' - excerpts from publisher's website.

With biographies of authors.

A PDF version of the entire publication can be read and downloaded online at the publisher's website.
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This Belongs to You: On Openness and Sharing at Statens Museum for Kunst - Merete SANDERHOFF
Building a Commons for Digital Cultural Heritage - Jill COUSINS
GLAMourous remix: Openness and Sharing for Cultural Institutions - Martin VON HALLER GRONBAEK
Towards a Shared Danish Infrastructure for Collection Management and Presentation - Henrik Jarl HANSEN, Christian ERTMANN-CHRISTIANSEN
Digitising the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s Archives — an Innovation Project - Tobias GOLODNOFF, Miriam LERKENFELD
Open Data at the Swedish National Heritage Board - Lars LUNDQVIST
Digital Cultural Heritage: Long Perspectives and Sustainability - Jacob R. WANG
GO: Curating with the Brooklyn Community - Shelley BERNSTEIN
Sharing Authority: User-generated Images as Future Cultural Heritage? - Sarah GIERSING
Museums and Cultural Institutions as Spaces for Cultural Citizenship - Nana BERNHARDT, Lise SATTRUP
The Future of Museums is about Attitude, Not Technology - Jasper VISSER
Perspectives on Participation in Social Media - Nanna HOLDGAARD, Bjarki VALTYSSON
Meeting the Visitor: Dissemination of Mobile Guides at the Museum Front Desk - Ditte LAURSEN
How to Ride the Digital Wave - Lars Ulrich Tarp HANSEN
Sharing is Avant-Garde - Theis Vallo MADSEN
@skattefar: Towards a Public Authority at Eye Level - Lene Krogh JEPPESEN
Open Licenses, Open Learning - Peter LETH
Sharing and Caring: Openness and Sharing in the Cultural Heritage Sector
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Sharing and Caring: Openness and Sharing in the Cultural Heritage Sector