Between Heaven and Earth + consists of four independent, though corresponding works, Tiananmen, Kowtow Pump, Bonsai and Fighter-X, exhibited simultaneously in four locations in Beijing.

The present catalogue features Bonsai+ exhibited at Courtyard Gallery in 2007. Through the project, Shen turns the invisible violence and latent cruelty in creating a Bonsai tree into a tangible form. 'To make tree brances into twisting braids, the center of the tree trunk was cut open - "penetrating the intestine, and smashing the stomach" - then fixed into bending, coiling, and interwoven shapes... These procedures all seem to replicate the surgical operations carried out in medical practices. The apparatuses used on bonsai trees, appearing in every shape and colour, are comparable to the assortment and diversity of medical instruments available. But, there is an important difference here: a medical operation is performed in order to cure a sick patient, but bonsai takes a living healthy plant and distorts it into an abnormal state.' - Wu Hung. Artist biography is provided in the catalogue.
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Shen Shaomin's Artistic Path - WU Hung, 巫鴻
Shen Shaomin: Between Heaven and Earth +: Bonsai+
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Shen Shaomin: Between Heaven and Earth +: Bonsai+, 沈少民: 天人之際: 盆景