'Shift and Change: Locating Korean Art Now' is a lecture series for Korean artists and art professionals, that aims to locate Korean contemporary art in the international art scene and to comprehend the development of Korean art in the social, cultural and art historical context. This lecture series presents four comprehensive analyses of Korean/international contemporary art practices in terms of both diachronic and contemporary context.

This book includes papers presented in the lecture series and biographies of the lecturers.
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Korean Art from the 1990s: Introduction of Business Model or Change of Paradigm

- JUNG Hunyee, 정헌이

Notes on the Biennial

- Vasif KORTUN

Context and Issues: Questions for an Open Exit for Korean Contemporary Art

- SUNG Wankyung, 성완경

Reality is a Mille-Feuille: Stretched into Infinity

- Marc-Olivier WAHLER

Shift and Change: Locating Korean Art Now
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Shift and Change: Locating Korean Art Now