Catalogue of solo exhibition by Shinji Ogawa at The National Museum of Art, Osaka in 2006. Ogawa consistently modifies familiar scenes in a search to discover new possibilites in a world which is different from the one that is normally visible to us. Among his works are paintings from his "Without You" series, in which Ogawa removed the human figures that acted as the central image in classical Western paintings, and repainted them. The present exhibition features more than 50 works by the artist from 6 different series, "Perfect World", "Chain World", "Without You", "Continuum", "Interference" and "Moire". Ogawa's biogrpahy is provided in the catalogue.
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The 'World' of Shinji Ogawa - Yukihiro HIRAYOSHI, 平芳幸浩
Shinji Ogawa: Interfering Worlds
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Shinji Ogawa: Interfering Worlds