This is a post-exhibition catalogue of the first Singapore Biennale held in 2006. The exhibition was scattered over nineteen different sites in Singapore, with the participation of 95 artists and artist collectives from 38 countries and regions. Installation views of works featured in the Biennale are provided in the catalogue.

Fumio Nanjo (Curator of SB2006) wrote, 'The title and theme of this first biennale is Belief. Contemporary society is marked by complex and conflicting values and a lack of unified standards of judgement. Diverse values sometimes lead to the threat of war and terrorism, and imply fundamentally different visions of the world. In the contemporary world; What should we Believe? What values should we use as standards to live by?... Singapore, although a small city-state, is a place of diverse ethnicity, religion, and language, where different communities have on one level been able to co-exist without extreme conflict. That is why it is so significant to explore the theme of Belief in Singapore today. The great, perhaps naive, experiment of the Singapore Biennale is to reinvestigate the fundatmental foundations of people's ways of life through art.'
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The Art of Belief - Fumio NANJO, 南條史生
Creating 'Belief': A Curators Discussion
Singapore Biennale 2006: Belief
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Singapore Biennale 2006: Belief