South Asia Journal for Culture is an annual refereed journal based in the region. "The idea of the journal is to enhance access of South Asian writers to a journal that is regionally managed and published and is responsive to intellectual needs, interests and concerns covered by the thematic focus of ‘culture’. The term is broadly defined to encompass contributions from more conventional disciplinary parameters such as sociology, social anthropology, history, archeology, art history and cultural studies to the more specific domains of ‘art’ such as theatre, visual arts, architecture, film, music, dance and literature." - introduction extracted from Colombo Institute's website

For details of the journal and this particular issue, please refer to the website of Colombo Institute. Articles published in Vol. 1 are downloadable from the website. 
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Judging a Book by its Cover - Nukhbah T. LANGAH
Celestial Underwear and the Challenges of Postcolonial Art - Jagath WEERASINGHE
Asian Art Today: Exploiting the Code: A Critique from the Margins - Jagath WEERASINGHE
Photo Essay:
Glocal-Cola: Visual Communications of Coca Cola in India as a Site of Mediation between Global and Local Factors - Meena KADRI
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South Asia Journal for Culture (Vol.1)

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