Handbound volume of back and white street photographs by Mo Yi. Shot from the hip or with the camera tied behind his neck, they were intended as part of an experiment to liberate photography from the subjectivity of the photographer, using the camera merely as a mechanical recording device. He said he was interested to 'see what people and their city look like when they were not selected by [his] eyes'. The artist himself appears in several of the images along with surrounding pedestrians.

Includes timeline of historical events, artist statement and republished excerpts from articles by Li Xianting, Gu Zheng, and Wu Hung. Images are accompanied by the artist's notes and correspondence. Edition 14/100, signed.

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Jie dao de biao qing zhong guo 1988–1990

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MO Yi, 莫毅


MO Yi, 莫毅

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Chapter headings
Historical background in 1988
Historical background in 1989
The Street Face - 1988–1998

- MO Yi, 莫毅

2001年 《今日先鋒》 (in Chinese only)

- LI Xianting, 栗憲庭

1996年 《光影世界》 (in Chinese only)

- GU Zheng, 顧錚

Mo Yi: An Ethnographer in Contemporary Chinese Art (in English only)

- WU Hung, 巫鴻

Street Face · China 1988–1990
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Street Face · China 1988–1990, 街道的表情 ‧ 中國1988–1990