This catalogue accompanies an exhibition of the same title held at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo from October to December 2010. Photographer Suzuki Kiyoshi (1943–2000) ceaselessly explored the possibilities of the photobook throughout his thirty-year career, producing a total of eight books, including Soul and Soul (1972), Mind Games (1982) and S Street Shuffle (1988). His compilations present a richly layered world where reality, dreams and memories intersect. They contain many references to literature and popular music and are informed by his upbringing in a coal mining town as well as his extensive travels around Asia.

Excerpts from Suzuki's eight photobooks are featured in this volume, accompanied by commentary. Dummy books (he designed many of the books himself) and hand-drawn exhibition plans are also included to give a fuller picture of his unique working process. With artist's chronology, exhibition history, selected magazine work and list of exhibits.
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Journey to a Photobook

- Rei MASUDA, 増田玲

Asymmetric Spider Webs

- Machiel BOTMAN

Commentary on the Photobooks and the Installation Plans

- Rei MASUDA, 増田玲, Mika KOBAYASHI, 小林美香

Suzuki Kiyoshi: Hundred Steps and Thousand Stories
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Suzuki Kiyoshi: Hundred Steps and Thousand Stories, 鈴木清写真展:百の階梯、千の来歴