Taiwan Artists Today consists of three individual exhibitions by Ku Shih-Yung, Chen Hui-Chiao, and the Chang Brothers(Chang Keng-Hau + Chang Geng-Hwa) held at MOCA Taipei in 2006. It aims to to explore and analyze the age-old question of how art 'conducts dialogue with the real world from a created space that is not reality.' One characteristic these artists all share is that their creations do not directly touch on society, politics or the economy, nor do they advertise themselves or strive to become eternal doctrines. Rather, they return to direct, unprompted perception, from which they each create different artistic utopias with their own unique flavors and faces.

The present catalogue features works by Chen Hui-Chiao. Chen often places words and images with mysterious meanings within the space, creating an almost poetic dream among lovers, which is also somehow a private, desolate space. For the exhibition Chen once again employs elements such as mythological symbols, totems, flowers, beds, needles, and ping-pong balls in her construction of a heterotopic space. Artist biography and artist statement are provided in the catalogue.
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The Flowers Under the Starry Sky are Prickly

- SU Frankie, 蘇珀琪

Fetishist Witch Rituals

- J.J. SHIH, 石瑞仁

Taiwan Artists Today: Here and now, Chen Hui-Chiao
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Taiwan Artists Today: Here and now, Chen Hui-Chiao, 台灣當代藝術家系列: 此時此刻, 陳慧嶠