This book was published on the occasion of the artist's solo exhibition 'Too Far To See' organised by Yokohama Museum of Art in 2011. The book contains biographical short essays by the artist, colour plates of his works with annotations, and curatorial essays. With a detailed biography of the artist.  

'Since my style is quite variable, people seem to be confused. When somebody asks me a frequently asked question, "What is coherent in your works if there is any?" After pondering for a moment over what coherency is, I end up with interrogations. Is it really necessary? Is identity as an artist so important? Certainly, I don't have any distinctive style but I have been serious, really serious about my work and exhibitions each time. In my belief, the more serious I am, the more suitable shall my work be to the venue because the space, context and people are different at each exhibition. And also, I am different day by day. Why do people focus on individual "artist" in the first place? A work of art is a work of art, so every time I hope people enjoy it. No matter whose work it is, something meaningful happens there and people see it. It is as simple as that.' - Takamine Tadasu, Too Far To See
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Too Far To See - Tadasu TAKAMINE, 高嶺格
The Method of Being - Tadasu TAKAMINE, 高嶺格
A Provocative Artist - Taro AMANO, 天野太郎
Big Stop: Darkness Beyond the Border - Yukie KAMIYA, 神谷幸江
Looking at Kimura-san - Jonathan WATKINS
Takamine Tadasu: Too Far to See
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Takamine Tadasu: Too Far to See, 高嶺格:とおくてよくみえない