This publication provides an overview of some of the most significant contemporary art and artists from Pakistan. Selected works of each artist are accompanied by critical essays and interviews by distinguished artists, critics and writers.

'Pakistani contemporary art began with the modern miniature — also my first real entry into the world — but it has since then gone beyond it (and in fact even the contemporary miniature artists are exploring scale at previously unseen proportions). This book describes a number of artists working in a range of media — digital, video, painting, sculpture and public art — uninhibited and nuanced, while reflecting the shifting political landscape of the country. It presents works that deal with the complex issues of gender, politics, religion, violence in ways that remain rooted in Pakistan yet address the concerns of a much larger geographical region. By situating the art in conversation with critical thinkers and writers, it refreshingly provides readers the opportunity to engage well beyond the realm of art appreciation' - from Foreword by Indian architect and artist, Martand Khosla.

Includes biographies of contributors.
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A Panoramic View of the Vibrant, Brilliant World of Contemporary Pakistani Art

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Her Body in Four Parts - Kamila SHAMSIE
A Film about a Conversation about Rashid Rana - Mohsin HAMID
His Were the Streets - Mohammad HANIF
'You, who are my love, and my life's enemy too' - Aisha KHALID, Imran QURESHI
Of Whispers and Secret Callings: On Anwar Saeed and Lahore - Naazish ATAULLAH
In Praise of Losses - Quddus MIRZA
The Feminine Construct - Nafisa RIZVI
The Urge to Spin a Story - Salima HASHMI
The Eye Still Seeks: Pakistani Contemporary Art
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The Eye Still Seeks: Pakistani Contemporary Art