This catalogue was published in conjunction with ‘The First Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art’ which was held in Beijing and Hong Kong in 1996-1997. It was an exhibition offering a selection of works that showed the point to which Chinese contemporary art has evolved and its aims were to examine certain issues in contemporary art in China, especially questions concerning the relationship between art and society and culture. Art criticism was another focus of the exhibition. Featured in the present catalogue are articles about the development and evolution of contemporary art in China in the 1990s. The two themes which are fundamental to these studies are: ‘The Humanistic Responsibility of Art in the Informative Age’ and ‘Existence and Environment – the Chinese Way’. Brief biographies of participating artists, and introduction to contributors are provided. With prefaces by Huang Zhuan and Chang Tsongzung.
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Shou jie dang dai yi shu xue shu yao qing zhan 1996.1997

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The Decline of the Centre and the Rise of the Regions -- A Look at Chinese Art After 1980s - WANG Lin, 王林
Art Theory and Culture in the 1990s - LENG Lin, 冷林
Phenomenon and Review of Chinese Contemporary Art Criticism in the 1990s - ZHU Bin, 朱斌
From the Local Context to the International Context: An Essay on the Critique of Art and Culture - GAO Minglu, 高名潞
Conceptual Art and Art Concept - GU Chengfeng, 顧丞峰
A Few Questions on the Relationship between the Development of Chinese Contemporary Art and the Development of Contemporary International Art - HUANG Du, 黃篤
A Process of 'Self' Discovery -- Contemporary Chinese Oil Paintings in the 1990s - LU Hong, 魯虹
The First Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art
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The First Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, 首屆當代藝術學術邀請展 1996.1997 

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