Art Space Pool, formerly called Alternative Space Pool, was founded in April 1999 in Seoul by around 20 local artists, curators, critics, writers and thinkers. It is not just a physical space for staging contemporary art exhibitions, but a discursive site and spiritual community of a group of local artists dedicated to socially engaged art practices and post-colonial art criticism in modern and contemporary art history of Korea. This publication compiles texts and images linked to Art Space Pool's programming in 2010. Some essays are in Korean only. Also includes a chronology of its activities from 1999 to 2009, in Korean.
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About the Art Space Pool_2010 Mission, History, Membership - KIM Heejin, 김희진
Pool Production
Season Opening Exhibition 'Day of Confidence'
Two-Person Exhibiton 'Lee Je/Aesop: I don't let you down'
Summer Project 'Money 2, the Manhwa'
Solo Exhibition 'Koh Seung Wook: Stuttering'
Solo Exhibition 'Joo Kyung Yoon: I'll keep your smile'
Transversal Series 'mixrice report: Welcome, my friend!'
Pool School
Workshop - Maieutics of Criticism: Texts on Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea
Seminar on Perspectives - Modern Subjects and Photographic Archives
Reading Theory - Reading Žižek: Enjoy your Žižek
Seminar on Perspectives - Asian Gothic
Pool Public Programs
Masil Talk #1 Like a rolling stone: a network for sharing experiences
Masil Talk #2 & Agenda in Practice #1 HAHAHA(下下下low low low) Project
Masil Talk #2 Networking ahold by knowledge
Masil Talk #3 Relaxed Subversion: another attitude for making relationship
Agenda in Practice #2 Performance 'Lee Dong-gi and ccuull'
Special Lectures #1 La Won-sik, Choi Jeong-hwa: The Beauty, Power, Image and Word Produced by Life & Art
Special Lectures #2 Another Face of Korean Modern Art History
Agenda in Practice #3 Proposals in Stock
Agenda in Practice #4 Studio Visit & Talk: Lee Je, Aesop, Youngmin Moon, Heejin Kim
Agenda in Practice #5 Gentle Thee: Intangible Resistance, Palpable Rigor
Agenda in Practice #6-1 Vibrating Line For Awakening Era: Lee Heejae
Agenda in Practice #6-2 Manhwa (Comics) Critical Talk
Agenda in Practice #6-3 Singing Cartoonist: Ancco's Cartoonist Workshop & Mini Concert
Agenda in Practice #7 Stuttering: Talking from the Periphery of Art
Special Lecture #3 The Cityscape As Reconstructing One's Self-Existence: Creating Alternative Cityspace
Agenda in Practice #8 Discussion about work: Joo Kyoung Yoon, Jung Hyun
Agenda in Practice #9 A First Reader: Alternative and Practice of Art and Cartoon, with Jang Jin-young, mixrice, Ko Young Il
Pool Publication & Archive
Archive Project #1 Print Archive Project, 'off-standard-work' by ps
Archive Project #2 Sound Archiving Project 'First Love' by Lee Jia
Archive Project #3 A First Reader: Cartoonist Ko Young-il's 'The Hitchihiker's Guide to The Archive Galaxy'
Pool Network
Museum as Hub
ccuull, ccuull pool, outreaching program
ccuull pool 1st phase
ccuull pool 2nd phase
ccuull program - Turbulent Writing
Dappertutto Studio Closing Performance - Three cancer cells
ccuull, ccuull pool '1'
The Grass Rises: 2010 Annual Program Report of the Art Space Pool
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The Grass Rises: 2010 Annual Program Report of the Art Space Pool, 풀이 선다: 2010년 사단법인 아트 스페이스 풀 사업 연례보고집

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