'Ning Kai and Sabrina Scarpa have been working together since 2015. They have launched their career as a photographic duo with The Land Between Us; a growing body of work which they describe as their “united journey”.

Partners in work and in life, they delve into the unknown corners of the natural world, finding moments of revelation, equality and intimacy within thinly populated areas and untouched wilderness. They wish to surround themselves by places that bring out the core of humanity, brings us back to our natural roots, to aim for a state of being in which the boundary between their cultures and backgrounds seems to blur. In order to remove borders, they seek out diverse places, from east to west. The works they "dropped" along their journey mark their footsteps towards the poetic and harmonious world they wish to create together; the timeless myth of earthly paradise. And reflect their strive to find the extraordinary beauty of simplicity.' - from the publisher's website.

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The Land Between Us: Ning Kai & Sabrina Scarpa - Cover
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The Land Between Us: Ning Kai & Sabrina Scarpa

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