A set of 14 booklets and leaflets that document Lin Jingjing's works dated between 2006 and 2011, which encompass photography (including found images), mixed-media, and installation. One booklet contains an essay by Gu Zhenqing, an interview with the artist, and her biography. Gu writes, 'With her feminine sensitivity, Lin Jingjing has found within her own childhood an anxiety derived from individual memories and privacy. She has become aware of individual's privacy inability to resist the public world. [...] The artistic exhibition space is a fully exposed stage, a completely public setting that every artist must face. For this reason, the weakness or danger of individual privacy alluded to by the concept of public privacy has become the focus of Lin's insight into the relationship between the individual and society.'
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Bei lun de fang shi: lin jing jing zuo pin

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公共隱私:林菁菁的影像記憶 / Public Privacy: Lin Jingjing's Vision of Memory - GU Zhenqing, 顧振清
悖論的方式:林菁菁和米莊的藝術對話 / The Method of Paradox: Lin Jingjing's Interview with Mi Zhuang
The Method of Paradox: Lin Jingjing Works
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The Method of Paradox: Lin Jingjing Works, 悖論的方式:林菁菁作品