This is the catalogue of the memorial exhibition of Lii Jiin-shiow, a prolific artist who passed away at the age of fifty in 2003.

Huang Tsailang, director of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum wrote, 'This exhibition consists of six themes in the order of Lii's progress in the course of art and her distinct manifestation of different styles: 1. An Illusionary Life, 2. Fleeting Time, 3. The Wave of "Self-consciousness", 4. The Figure of Reality, 5. "Self At Ease, 6. Insistence on Perfection.

The major content includes the discussion over the fleeting illusion of life and the random symbols of her personal vocabulary, the experience of spatial penetration, the awareness of calligraphy and the art of trees, her worries in reality, focus and solitary confrontations, the content and ease that exceed the ordinary and finally, the realization of her dreams. Among her abundant artworks, besides the one hundred and sixty more carefully chosen pieces of sketches, water paint, acrylic, calligraphy, ink, installations, etc., there are also a series of very rare images of architectural installations, informational works as well as journals and letters...'

With chronology of Lii Jiin-shiow's life.
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zhu deng de yi dong li jin xiu ji nian zhan

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Taiwan-Paris: Free Way Painting

- LI Jinshiow, 李錦繡

Why This Transparent Area

- LI Jinshiow, 李錦繡

Jiin-shiow and My 'Affinity' for Art

- HWANG Buhching, 黃步青

Lii Jiin-shiow's 'Free-Roaming at Home'

- HUANG Haiming, 黃海鳴

Moving the Bamboo Stool - Review on Lii Jiin-shiow's Art

- WANG Sufong, 王素峰

The Movement of the Bamboo Stool: A Memorial Exhibition of Lii Jiin-shiow
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The Movement of the Bamboo Stool: A Memorial Exhibition of Lii Jiin-shiow, 竹凳的移動: 李錦繡紀念展