'An illustrated reader on the fascinating subject of video sculpture, The Paradoxical Object opens up a new genre of artmaking. Digital artist Joan Truckenbrod explores the idea that video sculpture creates unique time-based objects with their own behaviours, stories and sound.

This book significantly examines the paradoxical object as created by artists using the juxtaposition of video narrative and cultural object in a video sculpture. The process of creating paradoxes through unlikely, insightful pairings of video projection onto objects is elucidated. Video as a three-dimensional sculptural element is innovative in contemporary art. Video intervenes in the object as the object interrogates the video while video projection has the ability to redefine objects, injecting social, economic, or political agendas.

The text throughout the book provides a complex narrative on the subject, as the social and cultural references found in the object are juxtaposed with video imagery and sound.' - from publisher's website

With select bibliography. Please note that only artists of Asian origin featured in the book are indexed.
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The Paradoxical Object
The Hand Becomes The Lens
Sculpting with Light and Time
The Body
Transforming the Physical
The Paradoxical Object: Video Film Sculpture
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The Paradoxical Object: Video Film Sculpture