'Shui-Long Yen (1903 – 1997) is one of Taiwan's most important senior generation artists of the twentieth century. Yen was born in Tainan and studied in both Japan and France. His painting style relies on direct and simple forms and contrasting warm colors to present the hot climate and sunshine of Taiwan. After WWII, Yen devoted himself to the promotion of Taiwanese fine arts and crafts to transform the character of Taiwanese society with a practical lifestyle aesthetics. He later expanded his ideas to the fields of urban landscape design and public art, thus continuing his desire to beautify modern life and successfully working in many different fields. This exhibition presents Yen's lifetime interest in the arts as well as his devotion to forming common ideals in Taiwanese society, and includes oil painting, drawing, print, craft, design, advertising, and public art mosaics chronology. Elegant, simple and urban are words that come to mind when thinking of Yen's life, as well as the modern Taiwanese culture that he advanced. By exhibiting these original works, the museum anticipates creating a deeper understand of Shui-Long Yen's life, work and ideals among those who follow the arts of Taiwan.' (from website of Taipei Fine Arts Museum)

The accompanying catalogue brings together six essays and artwork plates, as well as artist chronology, news clippings and transcripts of three artist interviews. Includes bibliography and index. 

'顏水龍(1903-1997)是二十世紀臺灣美術史上最重要的前輩藝術家之一,出生台南,曾赴日本及法國深造,繪畫風格造型簡鍊,用色對比強烈溫暖,畫風傳達出台灣特有的陽光與熱度。戰後致力推廣臺灣工藝美術,嘗試用生活實用美學改造一般大眾的生活品質,其後理念擴展至都市景觀設計與公共藝術領域,堅持美化現代社會的理想。顏水龍成就橫跨眾多領域,本展嘗試以顏水龍一生藝術的公眾性,以及獻身形塑台灣共同理想的特質為主題,展出包括油畫、素描、工藝設計、廣告商業設計、馬賽克公共藝術等作品。優雅、素樸、都會不僅代表顏水龍的個人一生形象,也代表他所要推廣的現代台灣的文化形象。藉由這些原作,本展期待讓更多關心台灣美術的人藉此更深刻地瞭解顏水龍一生的成就與理想。' (摘錄自臺北市立美術館網站)

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走進公眾. 美化台灣 - 顏水龍 | Zou jin gong zhong. mei hua tai wan - yan shui long

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Chapter headings
Father's Love for His Native Taiwan/ 父親的臺灣鄉土情 - Alan Fong Il YEN (顏峰一), Mei Lee YEN (顏美里), Chian Fong YEN (顏千峰), Shau Fong YEN (顏紹峰)
Rowing against the Stream - Shui-Long Yen, Practitioner of Idealism/ 逆水而上的理想實踐者-顏水龍 - YEN Chuanying, 顏娟英
Essays/ 專文
The Human Spirit of the Taiwanese Landscape - The Oil Painting of Shui-Long Yen/ 臺灣風景的人文精神-顏水龍油畫創作 - YEN Chuanying, 顏娟英
Shui-Long Yen and Vernacularism in the Development of Modern Taiwanese Crafts/ 顏水龍與現代臺灣工藝發展中的本土特色 - Yuko KIKUCHI, 菊池裕子
Shui-Long Yen's Road to Formosa Industrial Art - The 1950s Vision of Modern Craft/ 顏水龍《臺灣工藝》之路-1950年代現代工藝願景 - CHEN Yifan, 陳以凡
Shui-Long Yen and Everyday Aesthetic Education/ 顏水龍與生活美學教育 - LIN Juncheng, 林俊成
The Modern Ideal - Shui-Long Yen's Mosaics as Public Art/ 理想的現代都會圖像-顏水龍的馬賽克公共藝術 - LEI Yiting, 雷逸婷
Shui-Long Yen - A Pioneering Organic Artist/ 顏水龍-有機藝術家先行者 - TSENG Shucheng, 曾旭正
Shui-Long Yen - A Timeline/ 藝術家大事紀
Historical Documents/ 原始文獻
'Letter to Assistant Professor Tanabe by Shui-Long Yen from France,' The Alumni Monthly of the Tokyo Fine Arts School, 29:5, 1930.11/ '在法頻水龍致田邊助教授函,' 《東京美術學校校友會月報, 29:5, 1930.11
LIN Pan-Long, 'Shui-Long Yen's Paintings Accepted in the Salon d'Automne,' Taiwan New People's Newspaper, 1931.11.21 [15]/ 林攀龍, '顏水龍畫作入選秋季沙龍,' 《臺灣新民報》, 1931.11.21 [15]
Text and Illustration by Shui-Long YEN, 'Primal Realm - The Land and People of Orchid Island,' Asahi Weekly, 28:11, 1935.9.8/ 顏水龍文圖, '原始秘境-紅頭嶼風物誌,' 《週刊朝日》, 28:11, 1935.9.8
Shui-Long YEN, 'The Importance of the Handicraft Industry in Taiwan,' Taiwanese Public Opinion, 7:2, 1942.2/ 顏水龍, '「工藝產業」在臺灣的必要性,' 《臺灣公論》, 7:2, 1942.2
Text and Illustration by Shui-Long YEN, 'Southern Taiwan Reborn,' China Daily News, 1946.2.20-25 [4]/ 顏水龍文圖, '南臺灣的新生風貌,' 《中華日報》, 1946.2.20-25 [4]
Appendix/ 附錄
Full Transcripts of Three Interviews with Shui-Long Yen, 1988-1989/ 三次採訪顏水龍錄音稿 1988-1989
The Public Spirit. Beauty in the Making: Shui-Long Yen
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The Public Spirit. Beauty in the Making: Shui-Long Yen, 走進公眾.美化台灣─顏水龍