D-Lab commenced in November 2004 with a series of workshops and presentations with local and international art practitioners. As the site of The Second Guangzhou Triennial, the Pearl River Delta (PRD) embodies an inventive negotiation between the local and the global. Thus, Delta Lab, or D-Lab is created to investigate the potentials of contemporary art under such a context. It is an interdisciplinary platform that bridges art, architecture, urban study, and cultural activism.

This publication provides a record of the proceedings. Biographies of the participants are included. Non-Asian participants include Rem Koolhass/OMA (Rotterdam), Doug Aitken (Los Angeles), MULTIPLICITY presented by Joseph Grima (Milan) and Evelyne Jouanno (Paris).
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Dialogue: Hans Ulrich Obrist with Hou Hanru on the 2nd Guangzhou Triennial
Introduction of D-Lab 1
Media Release & Speech by Rem Koolhaas
Exhibition and Discussion of Lu Chunsheng and Yang Zhenzhong
'MULTIPLICITY' presented by Joseph Grima: Artists in dialogue with Hou Hanru (1)
'MULTIPLICITY' presented by Joseph Grima (2)
Exhibition of Works of Doug Aitken Workshop on City Issues
Historians looking at Lingnan: in between local & global: repositioning the history of Lingnan culture
Chen Shaoxiong/Liang Juhui/Xu Tan/Lin Yilin from the Big Tail Elephant Group
Zhang Wei/Hu Fang from the Vitamin Creative Space and Evelyne Jouanno
Exhibition and Workshop on Wong Hoy Cheong & Ou Ning
The Second Guangzhou Triennial | BEYOND: An Extraordinary Space of Experimentation for Modernization
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The Second Guangzhou Triennial | BEYOND: An Extraordinary Space of Experimentation for Modernization | D-Lab 1, 第二屆廣州三年展 | 別樣: 一個特殊的現代化實驗空間 | 三角洲實驗室1 (D-Lab 1)