D-Lab commenced in November 2004 with a series of workshops and presentations with local and international art practitioners. As the site of The Second Guangzhou Triennial, the Pearl River Delta (PRD) embodies an inventive negotiation between the local and the global. Thus, Delta Lab, or D-Lab is created to investigate the potentials of contemporary art under such a context. It is an interdisciplinary platform that bridges art, architecture, urban study, and cultural activism. D-Lab 2 took place from 4 March – 31 May 2005 and featured presentations by local and international artists and architects on their findings from their research on the PRD. The main theme for the workshop was self-organization as a conscious form of resistance.

This publication provides a record of the proceedings. Biographies of the participants are included. Non-Asian participants include Mathieu Brand (Mexico City), David Weiss (Zurich), Tatiana Bilbao/mxdf (Mexico City).
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Summary of D-Lab2
Introduction to D-Lab2
Research of Pearl River Delta
Self-Organisation, Art Action (I)
Self-Organisation, Art Action (II)
Self-Organisation, Archives (I)
Self-Organisation, Archives (II)
Japanese News Video by Tsuchimoto Noriaki
Individual Voice
The Second Guangzhou Triennial | BEYOND: An Extraordinary Space of Experimentation for Modernization
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The Second Guangzhou Triennial | BEYOND: An Extraordinary Space of Experimentation for Modernization | D-Lab 2, 第二屆廣州三年展 | 別樣: 一個特殊的現代化實驗空間 | 三角洲實驗室2 (D-Lab 2)

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