This is a monograph of Indonesian artist Ugo Untoro written by Indonesian writer Omi Intan Naomi. She describes the essence of Ugo's work as something 'between the tip of a cigarette and fire of the lighter'. In this publication she traces the development of his arts from 1989 to 2006. The first half of the book is written in English and the second half in Indonesian.
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Ugo Untoro

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Chapter headings
Map of Ugo Untoro
A Neighbor's Glance
Basics of Ugoness: Random Sketches
Malioboroist Tribe
The Campus Boy and the Myth of Bookwormism
The Media of Ugoness
Chromatic Gaze
Of the Commercial Aspect
Invention of Dollanan
Tanah Liat Chronicle
Trail of Sisiphuses
Logic of Spraycan Artistry
Traces of the Genesis
The Freudian, Planet Pop and Peter Pan
Chemistry of Dollmaking
Role-Playing Game: God, Inc.
Ugo Untoro in the Map of Yogya's Fine Arts
Hallucinogenics & Co.
Javanese Shadow-Puppets
Offscreen Chaos
Ugonizing the Puppets
The Farce Minus Jesters
The Moral and the Philosophical
Pedigree and Javaneseness
The Nietzscheist of Ugoness
Ugo's Pastoral Outlook
Anatomy of the Neigh
Menayu Cowboy
Heart of Horse
The Ugoized Rain
Between Silence and Loneliness
Mirrors and Portraits and Museum dan Tanah Liat
Overdose of Minimalism
Molecules of Criticism
The Future of Ugoness
Appendix I: Ugo Untoro's Route, 1970-2006
Appendix II: Living a Play
Appendix III: Indonesian Art Galleries
Appendix IV: Guitars and Guitarists, Painting and Painters
About the Author
The Sound of Silence and Colors of the Wind Between the Tip of a Cigarette and Fire of the Lighter [
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The Sound of Silence and Colors of the Wind Between the Tip of a Cigarette and Fire of the Lighter [17 Years of Ugo Untoro's Fine Arts, 1989-2006]