This publication is produced on the occasion of group exhibition of the same title held in Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea from March to May 2915.

The exhibition brings together three artists,  Tangachi, Xu Zhen and Koizumi Meiro, each from Korea, China and Japan, featuring more than 30 installation or visual art works. The show aims at spotlighting the past, present and future of the tree countries by means of art. When the Japanese artist turns memories and events from the past, dating back to the period of imperialism, into video pieces, the Chinese artist focuses on the present day in mainland China, a country that experienced rapid economic development over the past few years. In contrast to the two, the Korean artist unravels a possible future for his own country which is growing under the shadow of modernization. The exhibition as a whole explores interesting cultural differences among the three neighboring countries.

Including plates of art works and artists' biographies. 

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Curatorial Statement: The Subtle Triangle

- Leeji HONG, 홍이지

The Typology of East Asian Mass Culture and Cultural Nationalism

- Dongyeun LEE

In the Face of History: Chaos and Rectitude in the Work of Xu Zhen


Diplomacy and Art: Proposing Multilateralism in Post-1989 East Asia

- SUN Seunghye

Korea-China-Japan Modern History - Interchange History Art History Chronological Table
Education Program Linked to the Exhibition - Triangular Relationship, Finding the Subtle Balance between Cultures

- Yeomyung CHU

The Subtle Triangle
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The Subtle Triangle