A historical account of the development of western painting in Taiwan, illustrated with selected paintings from representing artists of the stages defined by the editor:
1. The Forerunners of the Taiwanese Western Painting Movement
2. The First Generation in the Cradle of the Salons
3. Taiwanese Art Under Japanese Influence
4. Painters Outside the Taiyang Group
5. Nonconformists in the Salon Era
6. Followers of the Taiyang Group
7. Leading Painters of the Modernism Movement
8. Major Representatives of the Art Gallery Era
9. Others (Unsuitable for Categorization)
Brief biography of artists included.
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Nian shi ji tai wan hua tan ming jia zuo pin ji

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From Salon To Museum: Four Stages in the Introduction of Western Painting to Taiwan

- HSIEH Lifa, 謝里法

The Twentieth Century Taiwanese Paintings - Volume One
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The Twentieth Century Taiwanese Paintings - Volume One, 廿世紀台灣畫壇名家作品集

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