"In order to demonstrate the vitality and features of art in Taiwan, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts has been affirmatively seeking international links with art-related organizations and collaboration with museums, galleries, scholars and specialists both inside and outside of the country. [........ and] have chosen 102 artists who have either exhibited their works or have received awards during the 2000-2005 time frame. The basic data for these artists as well as pictures of their representative works with some commentaries are presented on the website." - extracted from the introduction of the site: The Viewing of Contemporary Art in Taiwan at http://cat.ntmofa.gov.tw/english/intro/intro.asp.

The online content (2000-2005) is also recorded on CD-ROM format. Please note that the CD in AAA collection has faulty links, only image files are accessible in the disc. For full information, please visit the Viewing of Contemporary Art in Taiwan website.
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透視臺灣當代藝術 2000-2005

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The Viewing of Contemporary Art in Taiwan 2000-2005, 透視台灣當代藝術 2000-2005