'The Wild, Wild East: An American Art Critic's Adventures in China is a lively and opinionated romp through China's contemporary art scene, based on first hand encounters with the artists, dealers, collectors, curators and auction specialists who have made Chinese contemporary art the fastest growing sector of the international art market. This is the first book to examine the success of China's art boom, the rapid fire development of its institutions and the thrilling biographies of its major players. It conveys the gold rush atmosphere  of a country making millions off the sale of contemporary art and thrusting itself headlong into the international cultural arena. At the same time, The Wild, Wild East frankly investigates the pitfalls of this scene, the rampant corruption and conflicts of interest of many of the players and institutions, plus the continued presence of government controls.' (Excerpt from back cover)
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Andrea SCOTT

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Post-Mao Prankster Ai WeiWei
Pioneering Spirits
Biennale Bash
Beijing, Frontier Town
Auction Fever
The Art of Guanxi
Moonlighting at the Museum
Olympic Ambitions
Bye Bye to an Art Boom
The Wild, Wild East: An American Art Critic's Adventures in China
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The Wild, Wild East: An American Art Critic's Adventures in China

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