'In 2001 Hong Hao began the series of My Things in which he displayed his objects after scanning them, to show his living situation through daily consumption. He has discovered a universal space among arrangement, transformation and repentance when displaying his objects. The arrangement is a very complex combination that enforces the impression of the survival and rhythm of life in the reality, and transforms the living situation and the desire of consuming in contemporary China into graphics. In his 2008 series Bottom, Hong Hao scanned his objects in various angles. Therefore, the final look of this series is following the natural trend rather than in a pre-set situation. In another work, Hong Hao collected many red header documents and food tickets to create a collage that comment on the sense of authority among hierarchy in Chinese cultural context to show the relationship of humanity in people’s daily life.' (from Pace Gallery)

With essays and artist biography.
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Dong xi: Hong hao zuo pin ji juan wu

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Honghao Bottom/ 洪浩 負部

- LENG Lin, 冷林

Unimpassioned Things/ 非熱情之物

- HU Fang, 胡昉

我們的東西: 從洪浩的新作說起

- ZHANG Zhaohui, 張朝暉

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Things: Selected Works of HongHao Vol.V, 東西: 洪浩作品集卷五