This publication brings together essays contributed by experts in the field of photography during a three-day seminar held at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Seminar topics include 1) Introduction of Photography to the East Since 1850; 2) Comparative Study of Photography in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan; 3) Photography as a Communication Medium - Education, Publication, Criticism, and Exhibition.
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She ying tou shi — xiang gang zhong guo tai wan

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An Early Chapter in Hong Kong Photography - C. LEE
Hong Kong's Art Photography in the Early Years - LAI Kinkeung Edwin, 黎健強
On Photography in Hong Kong - Current and Future Trends - Joseph FUNG, 馮漢紀
Trends and Stages of Photography Development in Mainland China Since 1976 - LI Mei, 李媚, YANG Xiaoyan, 楊小彥
Excerpt from 'Chinese Photography: Notes Toward a Cross-Cultural Analysis of a Western Medium' - Sandra MATTHEWS
The Foreword of 'A Brief History of Photography in Guangdong' (No English Translation) - ZHANG Chao, 張超
Guangdong's Photo-Journalism in the Early Years (No English Translation) - WU Qun, 吳羣
Shadows and Footprints - Tracing the Development of Taiwan's Photo-Journalism - CHANG Chaotang, 張照堂
A Brief History of Photography in Taiwan - WU Jiabao, 吳嘉寶

The History and Development of News Photography in Hong Kong Newspapers

- Leon Shukwan SUEN, 孫樹坤
Does Hong Kong Photography Exist? - C. LEE
The Functionality of Photographic Images in Contemporary Experimental Arts in Mainland China - HUANG Zhuan, 黃專
Subversive Photography - A Study on the Communicative Language of Photography - WU Mali, 吳瑪俐
The Dialogue Between the Text and the Photographic Image - LEUNG Pingkwan, 也斯
A View of Hong Kong's Art Photography Through 'NuNaHeDuo' - KWOK Yanchi Jackie, 郭恩慈
Photography and Digital Images - KU Chiuping, 辜昭平
The Establishment of the Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers - Alain YIP, 葉青霖
The Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers Awards 1993 - LEE Kasing Wingo, 李家昇
In Introspection on the Past Generation - An Introduction to a New Wave - WANG Miao, 王苗, PENG Zhenge, 彭振戈, SHI Baoxiu, 石寶綉
Hong Kong Photographic Periodicals in the 50s and 60s - YAU Leung, 邱良
'Photography: Black & White' and 'Fantasy: Fabricated Fiction' - Two Exhibitions Related to Hong Kong Arts Centre's Photography Courses - WONG Wobik, 王禾璧
Hong Kong's Photographic Exhibition Venues - HO Hingkay Oscar, 何慶基
A Study of the Essential Aspects of Education on Art Photography - ZHAO Dapeng, 趙大鵬
New Images, New Voices - CHEUNG Fai, 張輝
About 'NuNaHeDuo' (No English Translation) - LEE Kasing Wingo, 李家昇
About Photo Art League - CHAN Waifun, 陳惠芬
About A Few Young Mainland China Photographers - YANG Xiaoyan, 楊小彥
Three Photographic Perspectives — Hong Kong · Mainland China · Taiwan
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Three Photographic Perspectives — Hong Kong · Mainland China · Taiwan, 攝影透視—香港‧中國‧台灣

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Locating Photographic Practice in Hong Kong since the 1960s

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