Curators Johnson Chang and Jaspar Lau gathered 19 local artists in the exhibition 'Time After Time', in the attempt to visualize and ruminate on the abstract concept of time. Some artists chose to comment on politicized time (in relation to the 10th anniversary of the Handover), while others simply reflect on time from a personal angle. The artists' reinterpretations of  "now", "decomposing", "straggling", "reversal" and "back to the beginning" challenge the linear notion of time and allow for the past and future to converge with the present.

This is a video recording of a gallery tour/talk led by Johnson Chang and Jaspar Lau on 25 August 2007. Conducted in Cantonese.

Video by AAA.
Time After Time: Meet the Curators
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Time After Time: Meet the Curators

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