First issue of Tomorrow’s Daily was exhibited at ‘Talkover/Handover: Dialogues on Hong Kong Art 10 years after 1997’ at 1a Space in July 2007. This 2.0 issue was freely distributed at the exhibition 'Talkover/Handover 2.0' in 2017. 

'I am delighted to have a group of‭ ‬“journalists”‭ ‬and‭ ‬“critics”‭ ‬accept my invitation to write about the yet-to-happen news of 1‭ ‬July 2047‭, ‬that is‭, ‬the day when one country two systems officially will come to an end‭.‬ This group of people included writers‭, ‬critics‭, ‬creative minds‭, ‬even students‭. ‬They imagined the news with different‭ ‬points of view‭, ‬collectively representing how we feel about‭ ‬Hong Kong‭, ‬our hopes and expectations‭…‬' - excerpt from artist statement of Wong Pingpui Stanley (Anothermountainman)

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Tomorrow's Daily 2.0, 明天日報 2.0