The Artist Workshop, TOOL BOX for emerging artists (organised by Insa Art Space, curated by Kang Sung-eun and Lee Eun-ju) is designed to foster the growth of new artists into professionals by heightening their experience in and understanding of necesssary field works and institutional devices for artistic communication. Various tasks in presentation, exhibition, PR, critique, relationship with galleries, and artist sponsorship programs are laid out for artists to form subjective perspectives and to fully express themselves based on sound theoretical and administrative knowledge for effective communication.

The book is divided according to the 5 stages of the workshop, with a list of international artist residency programs. Please note that some sections in the book are provided in Korean only.

The artists and curators hosting the workshop were:

Curators: Kang Sung-eun, Ahn Kyunghwa, Lee Dae-beom, Eun-ju and Hwang Sin-won.

Artists: Kim Mina, An Jung-ju, Yang Yeon-hwa, Lee Min-jeong, Lee Young-bin, Lee Eun-sil, Jeong Ki-hoon, Jeong Arong, Zin Ki-jong and Heo Gwang-il. (Biographies of these artists are provided in the book)
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1st Stage: Presentation of Artwork
2nd Stage: Exhibition - 2007 IAS 'YEOL'
3rd Stage: Focused Critique
4th Stage: Visiting artist's studio and sharing experiences
5th Stage: Survival information for artists
TOOL BOX for Emerging Artists
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TOOL BOX for Emerging Artists