This book is part of the research project "Model House-Mapping Transcultural Modernisms" and one of the volumes in the publication series of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, in cooperation with Sternberg Press.

'Based on the findings of an interdisciplinary research project, Transcultural Modernisms maps out the network of encounters, transnational influences, and local appropriations of an architectural modernity manifested in various ways in housing projects in India, Israel, Morocco, and China that served as an exemplary standard models, not only for Western societies. Three case studies of modernist architectural projects realized in the era of decolonization form a basis for the project, which further investigates specific social relations and the transcultural character of building discourses at the height of modernism. Rather than building on the notion of modernism as having moved from the North to the South — or from the West to the rest of the world — the emphasis in Transcultural Modernisms is on the exchanges and interrelations among international and local actors and concepts, a perspective in which “modernity” is not passively received, but is a concept in circulation, moving in several different directions at once, subject to constant renegotiation and reinterpretation. In this book, modernism is not presented as a universalist and/or European project, but as marked by cultural transfers and their global localisation and translation.' - from back cover.

Includes biographies of contributors.
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Publication Series of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

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Transcultural Beginnings
Understanding Transculturalism — Monica Juneja and Christian Kravagna in Conversation
Transcultural Beginnings: Decolonisation, Transculturalism, and the Overcoming of Race

- Christian KRAVAGNA

Around Chandigarh
The Many Names of Chandigarh: An Index for Heritage Planning

- Vikramaditya PRAKASH

From around a Modern House

- Moira HILLE

Home/Nation/Gender: Modern Architectural Practices in Sri Lanka — Anoma Pieris and Moira Hille in Conversation
With Animals
Dwellers and Strayers: Modernist Zoopolitics in Post/colonial Worlds

- Fahim AMIR

No Collar, No Master: Workers and Animals in the Modernisation of Rio de Janeiro 1903-04

- Nadia FARAGE

In China
Mythopoeic Affairs: The Role of Vernacular Architecture in Maoist China

- Christina LINORTNER

Walking on Many Legs: Spatial Productions between State Socialism and Third World Modernism in Maoist China — Duanfang Lu and Christina Linortner in Conversation
A Modernist Project in China: Gan-da-lei Mudhouses in Early Daqing

- ZHAO Chunlan

From Casablanca to Be'er Sheva
Non-Pedigreed Architecture — Felicity D. Scott and Marion von Osten in Conversation
Patios, Carpets, and No Pavilion: Model Housing in Morocco and Israel

- Marion VON OSTEN

An Architectural Overdose: On Planning Discourses of Late 1950s and Early 1960s Architectural Projects in Israel — Zvi Efrat and Marion von Osten in Conversation
And Crip
Buildings that Fit Society: The Modernist Ideal and the Social Production of Ableist Spaces — Rob Imrie and Eva Egermann in Conversation
Unlikely Encounters in the Fog: Crip Connections within the Project Model House


Searching for the International Deformed Nation: Or 'Too Loud in Its Patterns' — Susan Schweik and Eva Egermann in Conversation
So Many Reports, So Many Questions. For Instance: Is there Such a Thing as Postcolonial Critical Planning?


Transcultural Modernisms
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Transcultural Modernisms