'A large portion of this book is written in the Windy City in Chicago, Fo Tan in Hong Kong and Linquan Street in Kaohsiung, inspiring its title 'feng huo lin quan'. As a metaphor of the fluidity of contemporary art in Asia, the book is a compilation of writings on Asian Art as an active ecology in space and time. The selected topics focus on the categorization and formation of the concept of an Asian art between 2000 and 2012. Defined geographically by the Meridian, the cultural conflicts within and beyond the boundary is referred to as a trans-boundary practice of humanity. The book tries to re-explore the homogeneity and heterogeneity of Asian regional aesthetics, and discuss the essence of art particularly on the cultural routes of elite and plebeian aesthetics.' - translated from back cover

Divided into five sections, each section presents a number of essays that are grounded onto a set of binaries and from those develops their discourses within the contextual framework of contemporary art in Asia. Topics include mapping, aesthetics of different art forms, popular culture, urban space, subversion of the convention, modern ink, politics and feminism.

'本書多書寫於風城芝加哥、香港沙田火炭、高雄林泉街,故以「風火林泉」一種活動中的自然狀態,作為書寫時空與看待亞洲藝術的意象,比喻亞洲當代藝術不可名狀的時空穿梭與人文流動之情境。 針對亞洲藝術概念之範疇與形成,提出全景式與聚焦式的論壇議題。在專題選擇上,立足於2000年代和2012年代,以子午線為地理上的越界,以域外與域內文化的衝擊為人文上的越境,試圖重探亞洲區域美學的同質性與異質性,並針對區域內的菁英美學與庶民美學之文化路線,提出藝術本質上的探討。' - 轉自書背簡介


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Feng huo lin quan: dang dai ya zhou yi shu zhuan ti yan jiu

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自序 重探亞洲區域美學的同質性與異質性
遠東 v.s 遠西-動態中的亞洲藝術地圖
大洋 v.s 島嶼-渡海舟行的移民與殖民之境
交流 v.s 同化-風行草偃的西北亞藝術樣態之旅
美學 v.s 文化-日本藝術維新運動與其美學建立
線性 v.s 行動-遠東書道中的福魯克薩斯
宣傳 v.s 鼓動-兩岸三地的畫報與媒宣世界
圖說 v.s 述繪-東北亞動漫的美學索引
草根 v.s 時尚-草根性常民藝術的當代演義
日常 v.s 非常-異化中的現代性與新農村景觀
這裡 v.s 那裡-新城市文化的空間生產與地域意識
自由 v.s 法律-亞洲視線中的塗鴉事件
摹擬 v.s 再製-非原創藝術的理論判斷
文創 v.s 產業-階級性的藝術生產路線
經典 v.s 戲仿-挪用藝術的解構與建構
傳統 vs. 當代-當代水墨藝術的文化視域和論述角度
水墨 v.s 本土-台灣近代藝術論述的水土之爭
政治 v.s 美學-當創作權碰撞到其他權
女性 v.s 創傷-歷史調撫、政治正確和集體療法之後
Transpassing: Special Studies on Contemporary Asia Art in 2010s
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Transpassing: Special Studies on Contemporary Asia Art in 2010s, 風火林泉:當代亞洲藝術專題研究