This catalogue accompanied the group exhibition TREASURE for TREASURE: A Treasure Exchange Project, which was carried out as part of Asahi Art Festival in 2003.  In this exhibition, a treasure does not refer to something expensive, but something that is precious for the owner if it is insignificant for everyone else, such as a favorite childhood toy, a souvenir of a trip, or an everyday item that one has used over many years.  The project invited public to submit their memory-packed treasures, so that each could be transformed into an artwork by one of the participating artists and then exchanged with another participant's treasure-turned-artwork.  The project and the exhibition took place in three locations; Tokyo, Sapporo, and Okinawa.  The catalogue features plates of works accompanied by the artist's statement.  The artist's biographies are included. 
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Amoeba Encounters Art

- Taneo KATO, 加藤種男

Two Renovations

- Takashi SHINKAWA, 新川貴詩

The Process behind the Scenes

- Takaaki SOGA, 曽我高明

The Secret Story behind TREASURE for TREASURE, Sapporo Version

- Mami ODAI, 小田井真美

A Project That Became a 'Treasure'

- Jun MIYAGI, 宮城潤

Treasure for Treasure: A Treasure Exchange Project
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Treasure for Treasure: A Treasure Exchange Project, わたしのお宝交換プロジェクト展