This material presents an in-depth study of Shunso HISHIDA(1874-1911) and Shikou IMAMURA (1880-1916.) The section called Words by Shunso HISHIDA consists of excerpts from various materials, including an academic journal Waseda Bungaku, a letter, and newspapers. The section called Shikou IMAMURA/ Memory consists of an excerpt from what appears to be an artist’s statement, recollection of the artist told by Gakuryo NAKAMURA who was one of the artist’s student, and an excerpt from a periodical Chuo Bijutsu written by Yukihiko YASUDA. Bibliography, and chronology are available near to the end.

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(Life and Works of Shunso HISHIDA) - Teiji YOSHIMURA, 吉村貞司
(Life and Works of Shikou IMAMURA) - Michio NAKAMURA, 中村渓男
(Words by Shunso HISHIDA) - Shunso HISHIDA, 菱田春草
(Uniform Edition of Contemporary Japanese Art 3: Shunso HISHIDA/ Shikou IMAMURA)
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Uniform Edition of Contemporary Japanese Art 3: Shunso HISHIDA/ Shikou IMAMURA

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