'This exhibition showcases a number of young artists from Taiwan and the display of their works turns the exhibition arena at "Very Fun Park" into "corners of happiness". Aged around 30, these artists grew up in the 80's and first began producing work in the 90's, a shared experience that has both positive and negative influences. On the positive side, society at that time was undergoing a coming together of two previously antagonistic trends, the middle class and the Bohemian. As a result, being an artist was no longer a synonym for being "anti-social". At the same time, there was a broadening and refinement of equipment and tools available to the artist together with an enriching and diversification of aesthetic sources. Such developments gave artists more freedom, removing many obstacles to the creative process. On the other hand, the new generation of artists has had to deal with the fact that an increasingly global communityhas always been the mortal enemy of art. In this sense, the greatest challenge facing young artists is how to imbue the work they create with their own unique character at a time of globalization, works that reveal the "self" buried under a mountain of information. The exhibition "Very Fun Park" is curated specifically with these young artists in mind. It provides a generation of artists constantly searching for their own "corner", a place where their inner creative self can run free; whether that "self" is revealed through murmuring to oneself, satirizing and letting off steam, self indulgence or reproducing landscapes of the inner mind. This process of exploration and revealing encapsulates my definition of "fun".' - abstract from 'Introduction: Very Fun Park' by Rita Chang, Exhibition co-curator and member of the board of directors of Fubon Art Foundation. Included in this catalogue is a foreword by Tchen Yuchiou, Chairwoman of The Council for Cultural Affairs, R.O.C, a preface by Maggie Tsai, Executive Chief of Fubon Art Foundation, and statements of the artists.

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Very Fun Park: Contemporary Art from Taiwan
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Very Fun Park: Contemporary Art from Taiwan, 粉樂町:台灣當代藝術展