Monograph of Xu Jiang, featuring his paintings of landscapes and ruins. 'Xu Jiang's landscapes with unsettling images of tunnels, shipwrecks and dilapidated walls often evoke a strong sense of history and destiny. His massive and spectacular works are often characterized by their rich texture, sweeping brushwork, as well as their powerful form and colour. From 1995-1998, he created a series of monumental-scale oil paintings with the theme of ruin and violence. By suggesting that the modern civilization faces the threat from its own creator, works like Bombardment, Walled City and Stele immediately convey a tragic sense of history.' - extracted from essay by Gao Shiming. With artist biography.
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Post-ism: Xu Jiang's Painting and Its Cultural Relevance - FAN Dian, 范迪安
Poetic Contemplation - SHUI Tianzhong, 水天中
History, Landscape and Vistas: On the Art and Writing fo Xujiang - GAO Shiming, 高士明
Observation and Iconography: A Semiotic Analysis of the Works of Xu Jiang - FAN Jingzhong, 范景中
Salvation and Return: An Analysis of Xu Jiang's Recent Work - HU Bushi, 胡不適
The Shadow of History: Time and Form in Xu Jiang's Painting - CAO Yiqiang, 曹意強
The Path to Truth Experience: Some Thoughts on the Chinese Consciousness - CHEN Jiaqi, 陳家琪
Geschichitliche Mauern und Geschichten von Geistermauern (in Chinese and German) - Gunnar F. GERLACH
From Chess Match to Vistas: On the Painting of Xu Jiang - CHANG Tsongzung Johnson, 張頌仁
Crossing the East/West Divide - Edward LUCIE-SMITH
Reflections on Vistas - XU Jiang, 許江
Vistas: The Art of Xu Jiang
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Vistas: The Art of Xu Jiang, 遠望:許江的繪畫