'This book presents a range of interdisciplinary explorations into the urban environment through film, photography, digital imagery, pictorial art and signage. Collating a panorama of urban contexts, Visualizing the City’s diverse essays investigate visual representations of urbanism and modernity reflected through the prism of global cultures using a cogent array of methods and texts.

Visualizing the City brings together a compelling trove of visual imagery which represents and engages with twentieth-century architecture, in order to foster new ways of seeing, revealing and revisiting the urban. These essays unpick interwoven city fabrics, whether in Beirut or Paris, Berlin or Rio de Janeiro, London or New York, in an effort to discover how they equate with one another in their intertextual configurations.

This collection is grouped into four clusters that build upon one another, the first providing a foundation for Reflecting, exploring visualisations of the urban past. Remembering and Reinventing focuses on the way perceptions of cities are affected by the legacy of their past, while Reframing and Reshaping considers representations of the contemporary city. The final section, Revisualising, exposes the city remixed, posing questions for a redefinition of the city in the twenty-first century. - from back cover.

With an introduction by the editors, Alan Marcus and Dietrich Neumann. Includes bibliographical references and index.

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Part I: Reflecting on the City
Haptic Space: Film and the Geography of Modernity - Giuliana BRUNO
Early Film and the Reproduction of Rio - Maite CONDE
Visualising the Urban Masses: Modern Architecture and Architectural Photography in Weimar Berlin - Sabine HAKE
Part II: Remembering and Reinventing the City
Beautiful Dachau's Contested Urban Identity - Alan MARCUS
The Contested City: Beirut in Lebanese War Cinema - Lina KHATIB
Tribute in Light: Iconography of a Memorial - Dietrich NEUMANN
Part III: Reframing and Reshaping the City
Out on a Limb? Urban Traumas on the West Pacific Rim - Stephanie Hemelryk DONALD
The City Being Itself? The Case of Paris in La Haine - Francois PENZ
Composing London Visually - Robert TAVERNOR
Part IV: Revisualising the City
The VJ of the Everyday: Remixing the Urban Visual - Scott BURNHAM
Employee Entrances and Emergency Exits: Exposing the Invisible Imagery of Consumption - David MICHALSKI
Rain in the City - Jill STONER
Visualizing the City
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Visualizing the City