The artist wrote, 'Remembering Group 1890, Delhi, 1963: a crucial moment for affirming the tradition of the modern in Indian art. Remembering also the manifesto of Group 1890 proclaiming romance and rebelliion in forms black. To these I return today as images in history.' Featured in the catalogue are Vivan Sundaram's charcoal drawings that remind one of the artist's earlier series 'Indian Emergency'in 1976-77. According to Anil Bhatti in his conversation with the aritst, the drawings show 'an exploded order, expressing the fragmentary nature of reality and suggesting the question of how to reorder things. There seems to be a different sort of content in these drawings... utopian rather than apocalyptic. They seem to suggest a utopian possibility of restructuring order for which a previous fragmentation is required.' Artist biography is provided.
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Vivan Sundaram and Anil Bhatti: A Conversation
Vivan Sundaram - Long Night: Drawings in Charcoal
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Vivan Sundaram - Long Night: Drawings in Charcoal

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