This is the catalogue of Vivan Sundaram's exhibition at Birla Academy of Art and Culture in 1994; Sakshi Gallery in 1995; and British Council Art Gallery in 1995.

In K.B. Goel's essay on Sundaram, he discussed the artist's works in relation to conceptualism. Goel wrote, 'Conceptualism, in the Kantian sense - especially that part of it which is radical - has sought to exclude the art critic and art historian. As a practitioner of "vanguard" art, Vivan Sundaram may not subscribe to such a strongly stated position. Nor would he want to commit himself to a position where his art is described as "non-conceptural": no art, theoretically speaking, no matter how alienated, ever aspires to be against "anything": it is always "for" something.'

'Unlike the conceptualists, Vivan has not rejected the art work - either as "art" or as "object": certainly not its "secondary sources" - photographs, interviews and all other available forms of documentation, as supplants of the primary "things". What he has rejected, presumably, is an intellectual asseveration which tend to act as reference. Also rejected are the much used contemporary modes of fabrication made according to art-historical rules.'

Artist biography is also provided in the catalogue.
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Vivan Sundaram


Vivan Sundaram: Riverscape 1992-93
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Vivan Sundaram: Riverscape 1992-93

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