'Wandering in the Poetry' is the second edition of the National Culture and Arts Foundation's (NCAF) Techno Art Creation Project, and presents the artwork of the year's five awardees. The Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts hosted this travelling exhibition from April to December 2007. Exhibited works include: Tsai Wan-Shuen's Night-Time Wandering, Chang Po-Chih's Floating, Lin Jiun-Ting's The Vanished Tense, Lin Chi-Wei's Kafka Machine and Wu Chi-Tsung's Wire III.

With the Techno Art Creation Project, the NCAF intends to develop all aspects of the field by actively cultivating talented domestic artists working with digital technology and establishing a platform for dialogue between the technology and art sectors.

Artists' statements, plates, essays and biographies included. An accompanying DVD (CD.001207) is available separately, please ask library staff for assistance.
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Wandering in the Poetry: A Micro-observation on the Tech-Art of Taiwan - SU Yaohua, 蘇瑤華
Falling into the Enchantment and Float in the World of Screens - WU Yinghui, 吳根慧
An Art Revolution of Being and Nothingness—On 'Kafka Machine' and its Creator - KUO Anes Kuanying, 郭冠英
Back to the Future—Nostalgia and the Mystery of Lin Jiun-Ting - SU Huiyu, 蘇匯宇
Late Night Exclusive Interview - CHANG Chingwen, 張晴文
The Observing Eye - WANG Rainn Pinhwa, 王品驊
Wandering in the Poetry: The 2nd NCAF Techno Art Creation Project
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Wandering in the Poetry: The 2nd NCAF Techno Art Creation Project, 科光幻影2007—詩路漫遊: 第二屆國家文化藝術基金會「科技藝術創作發表專案」

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