Catalogue of solo exhibition by Wang Du held at Palais de Tokyo, Paris in 2004.

Wang Du is a contemporary Chinese-born artist living in Paris. Wang studied and began his career as an artist in China and settled in France in 1990. When the artist arrived in Paris, he was immediately confronted with the 'international landscape', the initial shock, and the presence of images everywhere. 'So, rather than adding other images to this overabundance, Wang Du has drawn on this available material to produce a radical, inverted treatment of these all too smooth, perfect and fleeting surfaces. Using a process that is precise and quite painstaking, with a sculptor's technique that is beyond reproach, the artist brings these images back to the state of matter or raw material, lends them weight and volume, brings to light their hidden sides, and exaggerates the effects of how an image has been framed. The ghostly people haunting the universe of the media take shape, deformed, outsized, unsettling and ridiculous...' - extracted from the preface. 

Wang's biography is provided this catalogue.
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The Image on Parade - Jennifer ALLEN
INFOGANDA: Our Mental Environment According to Wang Du - Pascal BEAUSSE
Wang Du: The Life of an Enlightened Agitator - Aurelie VOLTZ
Wang Du
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Wang Du